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Folks in the business of finance know all too well how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected markets. Dimensional reports on this subject well; volatility went up so much since there was so much to learn about the new virus. Because of this, investors attempted to interpret markets in the future. When news about Covid was positive, prices would increase. But when news was negative, prices would plummet. 

You might be thinking, why didn’t everyone sell since everything has been so uncertain? Well, no one can sell if no one is willing to buy. Market prices constantly adjust in order to balance the number of shares people want to sell with the number of shares people want to buy. 

Early in the pandemic in 2020, financial markets didn’t understand how Covid would affect the economy – because it was impossible to predict. The news was bad, buyers demanded higher expected returns as compensation for higher risk, and therefore prices dropped by about one-third. This high level of volatility is rare. Expected returns go up when risk rises. 

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